Novel Tools for DNA Topology and Topoisomerases Research – IP 1540

FIU inventors have developed novel reagents for the study of DNA topologyand topoisomerases. These tools are also useful for screening Anti-Cancer Drugsand Antibiotic Targeting DNA topoisomerases. FIU inventors have created amethod to mass-produce a type of fluorescently labeled circular DNA moleculeswith high yields to study DNA topology and topoisomerases by fluorescenceresonance energy transfer (FRET), and to screen anti-cancer drugs andantibiotics targeting DNA topoisomerases. In a typical assay to study DNA supercoiling andtopoisomerases, agarose gel electrophoresis is usually used to resolve DNAtopoisomers produced in the reaction mixtures. Since gel electrophoresis istime-consuming it is desirable to develop other assays, such asfluorescence-based assays, to study DNA topology and DNA topoisomerases. Thenovel fluorescently labeled circular DNA molecules provide a quick and low-costmethod to study DNA topology and topoisomerases through FRET. Anne Laure Schmitt Olivier 305-348-5948

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