Passive Multidirectional Illumination in Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

University of Pennsylvania Background
Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy enables rapid scanning of biological samples to reconstruct a 3-dimensional image of the sample. However, images generally contain artifacts (shadows, stripes, etc.) that are caused by illumination inhomogeneity due to absorption or scattering within the sample. These artifacts can occlude observation of biological phenomena in a sample. Moreover, current products use expensive and technologically demanding instrumentation to address these issues.
Technology Overview
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed methods to passively generate multidirectional illumination in a light-sheet imaging system using a light shaping diffuser. The outcomes include the elimination of optical artifacts, similar to those described above. An add-on device incorporating this method into an optical microscope would provide a cost-effective alternative to current prohibitively expensive stand-alone equipment.
Stage of Development:

Proof-of-Concept Data Generated

Further Details:
Salili, S. M. et al. Preprint arXiv: 1711.07393

Cost-effective multidirectional illumination
Elimination of optical artifacts in light-sheet fluorescence microscopy
Add-on device compatible with commercial optical microscopes


3-D light-sheet fluorescent imaging of biological samples (tissue or cells)
3-D imaging of colloidal and granular materials for particle tracking (soil mechanics, flow behavior, and rheology)

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