Preamble-based Hybrid Polarization Modulation Scheme with Bit-interleaved Coding

University of Notre Dame Background
Massive MIMO (Multiple-in, Multiple-out) wireless communication is an integral piece and major market driver for the transition to 5G networks. But the growth of 5G will rely on more efficient wireless communication. A preamble is a software device and method for ensuring an accurate and secure data estimate at the receiver, enabling synchronized transmission timing between two or more systems. Performance efficiency is measured and defined by signal to noise ratio (SNR), bit error rate (BER), and data rates. The goal is to keep the SNR low while optimizing the data rates and decreasing BER.
Technology Overview
Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed a method that utilizes a preamble, hybrid modulation schemes. The synergistic effect of these methods results in improved BER and performance gains compared to standard techniques. n simulation and in over the air testing, this method has shown that hybrid modulation methods can outperform conventional methods in specific 2×2 MIMO systems.
Further Details:

Four Dimensional Hybrid Constellations for Dual-Polarized Wireless Communications. doi:10.1109/ICC.2018.8422468
Hybrid Constellations for Dual-Polarized Wireless Communications. doi:10.1109/TWC.2020.2991991


Improved BER
Decreased SER
Increased channel capacity


Satellite communication
5G services and infrastructure

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