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Brian Mark Works on coronaviruses in general, mostly centered on MERS. His work is in partnership with LURIS University in the Netherlands. Dr. Xiao-Jian Yao, Med Microbiology The project will examine a receptor-binding domain (RBD) within the COVID-19 virus is essential for the infection of COVID-19. Previous studies have demonstrated that the RBD of the SARS virus includes fragments of molecules called epitopes that produce antibodies and interfere with the SARS virus’s ability to infect a cell. These findings suggest that RBD of COVID-19 is an ideal anti-COVID-19 vaccine candidate and could also be used in a vaccine. Dr. Jorg Stetefeld, Chemistry Working on proteins that inactivate the covid 19 virus. Dr. Anand Kumar Working on sterilization of N95 masks Dr. Adolf Ng, Supply Chain Management at the Asper School of Business Ng is looking to develop effective logistical strategies and planning in tackling the social impacts caused by a pandemic like COVID-19. He is doing studies in both China (including Wuhan) and Canada, comparing how logistical systems differ, with one objective being to identify ways to transfer effective logistical strategies and solutions to cities and countries under diversified geographical and cultural contexts, especially those with relatively weak health systems. Darren Fast (204) 298.1563

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