Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Network: Wireless System with Rugged, Detachable Sensors for a Modular Monitoring System (07054)

In recent years, the development of cheaper, smarter, and smaller sensors have propelled the demand for Wireless System Networks. To address that demand, researchers at the University of Louisville have developed a low- cost, low power, all-weather ZigBee-based wireless network that is capable of acting as a medium for uploading telemetry from an array of functionally diverse sensors (chemical, pressure, flow, temperature, etc.). The sensors can be added to and removed from the array in a plug-and-play manner and in any order for functional optimization. The sensor network is ruggedly constructed, and can be used to monitor parameters in less than optimal environmental conditions The network enables the user to reconfigure a wireless sensor network for the function of interest, whether measuring weather conditions, the presence of chemical pollutants or biological pathogens, or human-generated signals such as heat signatures, voice signals, or button presses. Kayla Meisner 502.852.2965

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