SimHERA (Simulated Human Evoked Response Audiometry) Software

The SimHERA software is an excellent addition to any educational program that instructs students and/or clinicians on how to perform human evoked-response and behavioural audiometry testing of hearing thresholds or neurological screening of retrocohlear pathology. The SimHERA software was developed by Dr. Tony Herdman to aid in instructing learners and clinicians at The University of British Columbia on how to conduct HERA testing in infants and adults who have various types and degrees of hearing function. SimHERA and SimHBA are based on data and models extracted from several decades of published research. SimHERA can be used for self-directed clinical training and practice, one-on-one teacher-to-student instruction, and full-course integration with random and predefined cases and instructor-protected assignments for in-class and remote learning. For more information please visit: Note: A free 30-day trial version of SimHERA is available with limited functionality. Austin Lee (+1) 604-822-7477

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