Small Molecule Choline Kinase inhibitor with Anti-Cancer Activities (09006)

Small molecule that may have high specificity May inhibit choline kinase and suppress proliferation of multiple cancer types; May be used as a combinatorial agent with currently used chemotherapeutic agents. Cancer is a deadly disease, affecting about 38.4% of people at some point during their lifetimes [ 1 ]. With such a high prevalence and severity, cancer is a serious concern. Thus, there is an urgent need for effective methods to treat it. To address that need, researchers at the University of Louisville have developed a small molecule choline kinase (ChoK) inhibitor that may be used in anti-cancer therapeutics. By inhibiting ChoK, this molecule diminishes cancer cells’ ability to produce new membranes for replication and decreases the pro-growth signals between these cells, thereby impairing the growth of tumors. Rob Smith 502-852-3027

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