Small Molecule Inhibitors of Interleukin-4

Interleukin-4 (IL-4) is an important, is a multifunctional cytokine and an important regulator of inflammation that has been implicated in multiple diseases, including asthma, allergic inflammation, and cancer. Dupilumab, an anti-IL-4Rα monoclonal antibody, was approved by FDA fro treatment of atopic dermatitis and as an add on for severe asthma. However, this treatment requires weekly subcutaneous injections and is associated with a number of common side effects such as injection site reactions, pink eye (conjunctivitis), swollen or puffy eyelids, oral herpes, eye itching, and dry eye. There is a continued need for more convenient IL-4 targeted therapies with an improved side effect profile.IL-4 has been notoriously difficult to drug with small molecules using standard pharmaceutical R&D technologies. Now, Boston University and MIT researchers have discovered the first reported small molecule IL-4 inhibitor. An orally available small-molecule inhibitor based on this lead series would increase patient compliance, reduce cost, and may ameliorate side effects of current biologic therapies.Boston University is seeking licensing partners, R&D partnerships, or Sponsored Research to advance this technology Thomas J McMurry 617-358-4550

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