Smart, interactive desk

Get ready to take your space management game to the next level with the University of Glasgow’s innovative project! By combining the power of Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) and radio frequency identification (RFID), this project proposes an Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution that will revolutionize how we manage and optimize space in buildings and workplaces.

And don’t think this is just some futuristic dream – the global RFID technology market is estimated to reach USD 40.5 billion by 2025, and LoRa Technology is already being used in over 600 known IoT applications with over 50 million devices deployed worldwide.

So what’s the secret sauce? By using passive RFID tags attached to desks and chairs, this project will detect human proximity and occupancy levels in real-time. And with LoRaWAN’s data transmission capabilities, this information can be collected and analyzed from multiple locations in a building, allowing for precise proximity detection and even future space allocation predictions.

But it’s not just about efficiency – this project has the potential to benefit end-users by delivering adaptive user-centric technology with low-cost production in mind. And with the growing market need for low-cost, easy to manage occupancy detection methods, this project could be a game-changer for space occupancy companies.

So why not get in on the ground floor of this innovative technology? The University of Glasgow’s project has the potential to make a significant impact on how we optimize and manage our spaces, all while keeping costs low and end-users happy.

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