System and Method for Guiding People, Vehicles and Robots

University College Cork Background
In busy industrial working environments, there can be multiple participants including humans, industrial mobile robots or vehicles all traversing the same space. The system provides customized and efficient routing guidance to allow for optimal use of the shared environment, whilst avoiding hazardous situations or interactions.
Technology Overview
Individual participants present in a monitored area can be allocated with specific security and safety parameters, representing their security and permission credentials. These participants can be monitored and localised, whilst the system provides dynamic guidance to account for current and future positions for each participant ‑ plus accounting for potential unexpected behaviors.
This routing guidance can determine efficient routes for participants, maximising safety and security requirements with the ability to dynamically recalibrate due to incidents or issues.

Ability to dynamically accounting for safety/security requirements
Adapts geophysically in response to participants and their transversal routes
Accounts for heterogenous participants in the same environment

This system is applicable to commercial/industrial environments with combined mixed usage of humans and robotics/vehicles, where safety and security requirements are important. It can also be utilized to provided routing guidance for emergency response vehicles, or to provide accelerated clearance of people through large‑scale environments.

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