System and Methods for Decoding Neural and/or Electromyographic signals – IP 1311

FIU inventorsare designing and developing a system that will enhance the level offunctioning provided by prosthetic limbs. Commercially available prosthesesemploy electromyogram (EMG) signals recorded from muscle tissues in residuallimbs in order to infer motor intent of the user. Continuingresearch and development has shown that peripheral nerve activity of humanamputees can serve as an alternative to EMG signals. Peripheral nerve activitycan be recorded using longitudinal intrafasicular electrodes (LIFE) in order toprovide control of a one degree of freedom robotic arm. FIU inventorsare interested in using LIFEs to record peripheral nerve activity in order toprovide multiple degrees of freedom control of prostheses. A task that has notbeen achieved by any of the methods developed so far. Shantanu Balkundi 305-348-8061

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