Tech ID 98-002 – Facilitating Research to Develop Treatments for Hemochromatosis

Researchers at Saint Louis University (SLU) have developed a mouse model for hemochromatosis with HFE gene point mutation. This includes a variety of strains for specific types of hemochromatosis. SLU partners with The Jackson Laboratory to distribute this mouse model. Jackson Stock Number | Description or Nomenclature 005215 | FVB.129X1(B6)-Tfr2/J 005643 | B6.129X-Gusb/J 005644 | B6.129X-Gusb/J 008217 | B6.129S1-Car4/J 008218 | B6.129S1-Car14/J 025331 | B6.129X1-Car5a/J 025570 | B6.129S1-Car5b/J OVPR Research Innovation Group (Office of Technology Management) 314-977-1219

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