Treatment of cancer by inhibiting EZH2 and FGFR1-3 activity.

The present invention relates to methods for treatment of cancer using inhibitors of EZH2 and FGFR1-3 in combination. In this inventions we have tested efficacy of EZH2 inhibition together with FGFR inhibition in mesothelioma. Malignant Mesothelioma is a highly aggressive tumour of serosal surfaces. The only first line therapy is cisplatin in combination with pemetrexed or raltitrexed with unresectable disease, with limited efficacy. Currently, there are no approved targeted therapies for mesothelioma. Therefore, there is an urgent need of novel therapy for this deadly disease. This invention can solve the lack of any targeted treatment in mesothelioma. Ian Bell +31628374976

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