UIC-2001-015 – Antibodies against b-Chain Associated Regulator of Proliferation (BARP)

This invention consists of five monoclonal antibodies that bind to different regions of the b-Chain Associated Regulator of Proliferation (BARP). Several lines of evidence suggest that BARP may be a tumor suppressor protein or cell proliferation regulator that could be linked to some breast adenocarcinomas, prostate carcinomas, myelodisplatic syndromes anaplastic thyroid carcinomas and other tumors. BARP is expressed at very low levels in all except cardiac tissue.BARP is a novel protein that has no known counterparts in human or mouse. No functions have been definitively established for BARP, but multiple lines of evidence suggest that it is involved in the regulation of cell proliferation and may be a tumor suppressor. Veronica Haywood vhaywo2@uic.otm.edu 312-996-4865

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