UIC-2009-067 – A Novel, Zero-Voltage-Switching Scheme for Photovoltaic-/Fuel-Cell-Based, High-Frequency-AC-Link Inverter

The need for energy security and energy surety is slowly driving U.S. and world-wide end-energy users towards renewable and alternative sources of energy. UIC inventors have developed a novel lossless scheme for a half-bridge cycloconverter-type inverter applicable for photovoltaic/fuel-cell energy sources. The proposed scheme is able to achieve turn-on and turn-off of all the ac/ac converter switches under zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) condition. Further, the ZVS scheme is applicable for both unity and non-unity-power-factor loads; therefore, it can sense the polarities of the output voltage and output. Stage of Development Experimental proof of concept exists Working model exists Mark Krivchenia krivchen@otm.uic.edu (312) 996-6626

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