UIC-2011-094 – Spectrometrically Validated Botanical Reference Materials

Natural product chemical compounds and reference materials are often complicated mixtures that are currently classified with a percentage of purity. However, these products are simply labeled with obscure percentages and no explanation as to the remaining constituents. The current labeling system provides no indication as to which impurities are present and if those impurities will negatively affect the outcome of procedures using these reference materials. University inventors have developed a chemical convention of describing the chemical purity of a natural product by using multiple parameters to express that purity. Different composite scores are compiled to arrive at a MIRUND number. This acronym stands for Main Constituent, Impurities (total), Structurally Related, Unrelated, Unrelated-Not Defined, Unrelated-Defined, and Solvents. By using quantitative NMR, this method becomes a key tool for analyzing, evaluating, and reporting the remaining impurities and constituents of natural products and reference materials. By creating a total impurity profile, the MIRUND convention is a novel labeling system that allows these natural product compounds to be labeled accurately and completely. MIRUNDS is a convention describing the purity of a natural product preparation. Nelson Grihalde grihalde@otm.uic.edu 312-996-4129

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