UIC-2011-164 – Differential Mode Inverters for Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems

Fuel cell technologies have developed into a reliable, light-weight power source for renewable energy solutions. However, a fuel cell outputs a low level direct current (DC) voltage. In order to utilize the energy produced by a fuel cell for commercial applications, a power inverter is required to convert to higher power alternating current (AC) voltage levels. Many inverters exist on the market today, most of which use a multi-stage, inefficient, and expensive approach. UIC researchers have developed a differential mode inverter to be used with fuel-cell based renewable and alternative energy systems. The topology of this differential mode inverter has only one power conversion stage, which supports improved efficiency, cost-savings, and reliability as well as reduced weight and size. Mark Krivchenia krivchen@otm.uic.edu (312) 996-6626

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