UIC-2015-087 – CryptoClub Cipher Handbook

The CryptoClub Cipher Handbook is the centerpiece of the CryptoClub curriculum, which teaches cryptography and mathematics to middle-grade students. It is a student reference and workbook that is recommended for use in informal learning environments such as afterschool and enrichment programs. It introduces ciphers in a way that encourages problem solving and reasoning and provides engaging messages to encrypt, decrypt, and crack. The Cipher Handbook can be used with whole-class instruction or with self-paced work in small groups. When kids were asked what they liked best about CryptoClub, the most common responses were problem solving, working with ciphers, a sense of community, learning new skills, and playing games. A 3-minute video gives an overview of the CryptoClub Project, including clips of students actively learning cryptography! http://resourcecenters2015.videohall.com/posters/493 Hyunjin Kim hkim227@otm.uic.edu 312355-7843

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