UIC-2016-059 – Breast Cancer Model for endogenous tamoxifen resistance

UIC researchers have developed several clinically relevant breast cancer cell lines in order to investigate the antitumor effects of novel benzothiophene selective estrogen mimics (SEM). Among these, the T47D:A18-TAM1 cell line shows an endogenous resistance to tamoxifen. The cells also exhibit an increased expression of Protein Kinase C alpha (PKCα) which is an important player in tamoxifen resistant breast cancer. The cell line has been used in in-vitro studies as well as to generate in-vivo mouse xenograft tumor models. The culture conditions, morphology and growth behavior of the cell line is well characterized and they have been authenticated using short tandem repeat (STR) and ATCC analysis. These cells have been designed to test and validate novel therapeutics for tamoxifen resistant breast cancer. Nelson Grihalde grihalde@otm.uic.edu 312-996-4129

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