UIC-2018-100 – Ankle Games: A Stroke Rehabilitation Game

UIC researchers have developed an inexpensive portable ankle rehabilitation device for stroke patients. The device tracks motion of the foot in real-time enabling guided exercises or simple motion games. The movements are specifically designed to stimulate areas of the brain affected by a stroke. A base placed under the heel enables this free motion of the ankle during the games. The device platform tracks improvement over time, and has shown clinical success in speeding up ankle recovery for stroke patients. The ankle games device can supplement other rehabilitation strategies, and together, this device represents a major innovation in stroke rehabilitation. The CDC reports that more than 795,000 people have a stroke each year in the United States. A stroke can significantly impair fine-motor skills and mobility. The physical rehabilitation process is laborious and can take years. This poses obstacles of convenience, motivation, and cost to stroke survivors. There is a pressing need for innovative strategies to improve the continuum of care without adding to existing obstacles of cost and convenience. Veronica Haywood vhaywo2@uic.otm.edu 312-996-4865

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