ULab: A Comprehensive Online Equipment Management and Booking Platform

University of Strathclyde Background
Increasingly research lab managers are called upon to report on the usage of their labs and equipment, incidents, maintenance records and more. Without a proper management system in place, this can be very challenging. ULab was created to make the lab manager’s life easier. Over the years the functionality has increased to include many features and solutions to problems for a wide variety of lab users and their particular circumstances. The platform now provides modular access to the features each individual needs. Labs are scheduled better, run more safely and more sustainably. The return on investment for capital budgets is easy to demonstrate and equipment can be made available to the wider research community when not in use. Commercial labs can have a better understanding of asset use and better control of down time for maintenance. Health and safety requirements are met using the incident reporting tools as well as the new track and trace functionality. ULab encourages collaboration by helping lab owners make their labs and equipment available to other research groups or organisations. This can also help generate additional revenues for the lab owners.
Technology Overview
ULab is a SaaS platform available through web browsers from anywhere in the world with Internet access. The extensive range of functions allows the cataloguing, scheduling and maintaining of labs and lab equipment. Additionally, ULab has enhanced reporting features including track and trace so users can be tracked if required. ULab users are already accessing the platform from 11 countries and hundreds of labs. Access to equipment can be shared easily across organisations as well as within them. ULab catalogues your laboratory equipment, letting you monitor activity using customisable booking and hiring options, both within your institution and with external collaborators or customers. Site visitors from anywhere can find and potentially book time on equipment. Managers gain an in depth view of their department and institutional systems ensuring that expensive equipment is utilised in the best manner possible. With the University of Strathclyde’s software you can create and customise your Lab, adding:

Floor plans
Any other relevant facilities
Customise your virtual lab

The ULab Watchlist feature provides you with easy access to your lab info, where you will be able to add relevant information such as:

Asset IDs
Make and model of equipment
Any other sundry items or additional notes

Stage of Development
Fully operational and available for licensing and in commercial use.
ULab has a wide range of feature options to meet the different needs of different lab setups. There is a comprehensive booking tool, a flexible reporting engine, incident and maintenance logs, track and trace and many more features.
ULab is already in use across hundreds of academic and commercial organisations. Some users use ULab just for cataloguing their kit, others for the full range of services and everything in between.
Available for non-exclusive SAAS licensing.
Potentially available to white label.

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