UMIP-165 – CMV risk stratification algorithm based on detection of IL-2(+)IFN-y(+)TNF-a(+)MIP-1ß(+) and IL-2(-)IFN-y(+)TNF-a(- )MIP-1ß(+) CMV-specific CD8 T cells

Problem: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) reactivation occurs in up to 60-80% of CMV seropositive allogeneic (ex. hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT))recipients, and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Despite the availability of antiviral therapies, CMV reactivation remains associated with increased risk of non-relapse mortality and poorer overall survival in the modern era. To date, no biomarkers for accurate prediction of CMV reactivation following HGT exist. Well tolerated antivirals that can be used to prevent CMV infection are expected to be on the market soon but likely to be expensive and it is unclear which patients will benefit of such agents since not all CMV seropositive recipients experience viral reactivation. The availability of a predictive assay would allow closer surveillance of individuals at highest risk and/or avoidance of potentially costly prophylaxis strategies that are under development. Furthermore, these needs are not limited to HCT patents and CMV reactivation. A need exists for assays suitable to predict reactivation (or stratify risk for reactivation) of other latent viruses besides CMV, and to do this for other immune-compromised besides HCT recipients. Technology: Researchers at the University of Miami have developed novel methods for the identification and quantitation of latent CMV in immunocompromised subjects from measurements of a T cell subset, identified from a cytokine expression profile; and predictive algorithms for reactivation and risk stratification. Peter Gutenberg 305-243-4604

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