Under Water Flight

Students at the University of California San Diego have mixed the impossible and highly desirable….under water flight! The invention is called “Flying Wing Autonomous Under Water Glider Technology”. Ok, technically its not “flying” under water, but its pretty fantastic!

Users put on a set of “wings” that gradually  move up and down and side to side using a small adjustable ballast (basically like a remote control). This technically puts it in the category of “Autonomous Underwater Vehicle” (which is apparently a thing). The primary use of this device? Collecting oceanographic data. The device runs on a unique propulsion system that uses very little energy which allows it to be used anywhere from a week to months at a time.

Feel like becoming an underwater aviator? Reach out to University of California, San Diego Office of Innovation and Commercialization – licensing@ucsd.edu or 858.534.5815.

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Original Listing: https://univation.co/the-flying-wing-autonomous-underwater-glider-technology/

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