Using Artificial Intelligence and Learning to Automate 5G/6G Networks

Northeastern University Background
Radio Access Networks (RAN) take up most of the Total Cost of Ownership for cellular network providers and operators. Open RAN promises to reduce the TCO by 30%-50% and uses network intelligence to deliver bespoke services tailored to the diverse needs of the growing set of 5G/6G applications. However, to achieve this, there is a need for automated solutions which convert the high-level intents of operators into a fabric of AI solutions that can be distributed across the entire network. Current technologies are still mostly manual and require cumbersome coding just to express intents. They also rely upon static and inflexible control policies which cannot adapt to diverse network deployments, traffic profiles and edge services. Architectures and algorithms to orchestrate and control such complex intelligent systems in a fully automated or zero-touch fashion are missing while major players in the industry have publicly expressed interest in finding such solutions.
Technology Overview
Northeastern spinout, zTouch Networks, provides operators and technology integrators with zTouch, the first true zero-touch orchestration and control framework enabling programmatic and data-driven network control in the Open RAN. zTouch embraces the Open RAN architecture and specification standardized by the O-RAN Alliance to provide the industry’s first intent-based control and orchestration system using data-driven algorithms, AI modules and novel APIs. zTouch automatically converts operator intents which have been expressed by graphical user interfaces or high-level coding (XML, YAML) into a fabric of low-level actionable AI that is dispatched through software containers and microservices when and where required. The Open RAN ecosystem is provided with automation by zTouch and simplifies network intelligence deployment and execution to deliver bespoke services while reducing costs, satisfying user demand, and monetizing services with diverse performance requirements. zTouch Networks leverages years of work that has resulted in an extensive code base, a suite of intellectual property, access to unique testbeds, and expertise to enter the market and provide this automated and intelligence-driven solution.

Reduction in TCO by 30%-50%
Monetization of network services 
Improving network performance


5G/6G networks
5G/6G network applications
Network Automation
Network Security

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