Waste water Biotreatment and Recovery (WBR) via Phytoremediation

This innovative Waste Biotreatment and Recovery (WBR) via Phytoremediation Technology is proposing a two-step system which allows for an almost complete and fast degradation of pollutants through an “advanced oxidative process” followed by “microalgal transformation of the pollutants into sugars, proteins and fatty acids which can be converted to ethanol, biogas, biodiesel and other bioproducts”. Therefore, this technology not only provides a high-efficiency simple and compact solution with low energy requirements, but also provides a way to valorize the untapped potential of these industrial waste-streams, providing added value compounds which further reduce the overall implementation and exploitation costs while answering the strict environmental water discharge requirements Josianne Vigneault j.vigneault@transfertech.ca 819 679-5316

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