Wide-Range Infra-Red and Ultraviolet Reflective Films and Coating

IR and UV reflective polymer films or coatings have been deposited on windows to prevent IR and UV penetration inside the house. This decreases the energy consumption for cooling the house and prevents UV discoloration damage to the carpets and appliances inside. The conventional method for this window treatment is expensive because of the cost of high vacuum deposition technique and the high degree of preciseness needed to control the thickness of the polymer film. Researchers at the University of California have discovered a low-cost method of preparing the IR and UV reflective polymer film and applying thin layers of this polymer to a surface. Thin layers of the polymer film are prepared using external magnetic field and UV radiation. This obviates the need for expensive manufacturing techniques. Available for licensing are patent rights in a wide-range infrared and ultraviolet reflective films and coatings based on magnetically responsive photonic crystals.

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